Ecological Horizons Pty Ltd is an ecological consultancy company based in South Australia. It provides a wide range of services including fauna surveys, EIS, threatened species monitoring, vertebrate pest management, research, project design for monitoring mine impacts and provision of scientific advice in Australia and overseas. The directors of Ecological Horizons are Dr Katherine Moseby and Dr John Read who have over 45 years of combined experience in ecological management and research. Ecological Horizons is a company dedicated to on ground outcomes and both directors have extensive field work experience and are passionate about achieving conservation outcomes.

Director: Dr John Read
John has a PhD in Ecosystem Management and honorary doctorates in larrikinism and perseverance. John has published over 120 peer reviewed journal articles in the fields of arid zone ecology, reptile and avian ecology, mining and grazing impact assessment, vertebrate pest management and threatened species recovery. John has also published four non-fiction books about ecological adventures in the South Australian Outback and the Solomon Islands, his odyssey to the war crash site of his grandfather in PNG and his internationally acclaimed book about the impact and management of cats. John is Chair of the Warru Recovery team, a director of Tetepare Descendants' Association, Wild Deserts and Thylation.

John's Publications

Director: Dr Katherine Moseby Bsc (Hons) PhD
Katherine has a PhD in Reintroduction Biology and more than 20 years experience in arid zone ecology and threatened species management. She has published more than 50 peer reviewed book chapters and journal articles and is an affiliate of the University of Adelaide. Katherine's areas of expertise include arid zone ecology, mammalogy, threatened species recovery and vertebrate pest management. Katherine has published a field guide to the identification of arid zone species using tracks and other sign and was an inaugural board member of the South Australian Arid Lands Natural Resources Management Board. Her main interests include reintroduction project management, student supervision, design of research projects and field work.

Katherine's Publications